Religion has always played a key role in the quinceañera celebration--- the girl is growing in her faith and taking a larger role in both her religious community, as well as her social community. For this purpose we celebrate a Thanksgiving mass in which the girl expresses her gratitude to her family and friends for their love and support. The girl is also presented to the community as a new adult member. 

While the basic mass doesn’t change, there are some additional elements. The court of honor and the quinceañera enter in a processional. Girls can have a short coronation ceremony, with the quinceañera’s mother or godmother placing a tiara on her. Some enter the church carrying their “Last Doll,” a gift meant to symbolize leaving childhood, which they exchange for a bouquet of flowers before taking their seat of honor for the mass.



Crown: the Crown of Life (promised in scripture to all who believe in Christ)
Birthstone Ring: the tie of commitment to Christ
Flowers: representing life (usually friends, family, or attendants, will give the 15 flowers total, which are then left at a statue of the Virgin Mary)
Necklace or medal = image of a patron saint (one you are named after) or other saint that is special to the girl and/or her family
Bible = the Word of God (guide for life)
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Requirements for Quinceanera Mass:

Baptism Certificate

First Communion Certificate

A $100 non refundable deposit will be required at the time of the ceremony. If you cancel the ceremony we will not refund the deposit unless it is made ONE month before the scheduled date.

A complete application


 If you are unable to obtain copies of these documents arrangements can be made for sacrament renewal in our church, if you are missing anyone of these Sacraments, arrangements can be made to have these Sacraments administered in time for your celebration date.

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