Requirements for Baptism:.


Considered one of the three sacraments of initiation into Christian life and community; As such, this sacrament should be administered among the body of witnesses to receive the child and commit to raising him/her into the Christian life. 

Through Baptism we are born into a new life with GodWe die to sin and are re-born into the grace of being from that very moment Children of God, Brethren of Christ, and Heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven.

When you baptize your child, you take a commitment to make a disciple of him/her and to instruct him/her in the tradition of the Church.  It is recommended that children be baptized as soon as it is possible after birth. 

Private Mass:  

If you prefer a more intimate gathering among friends and family, our clergy is available to perform the Baptism in your home or place of designation, so as long as it is performed among a group of witnesses. 


Parents not Married by the Church: 

Children should never be held responsible for the actions of the parents. 

We are here to minister to you without judgment,  knowing that you want to baptize your child means that you want to embrace your Catholic tradition,  we are available to guide you through what ever obstacles may be preventing you from receiving the sacrament of marriage.  We understand that in many occasions there are situations beyond your control.  We will never force you to commit to something you might not be prepared for, but will walk you through the different options available to you according to the church. 


Fill out and mail application

Bring an official birth certificate for the child or the adult to be baptized.

Parents and godparents are to receive a class about the Sacrament of Baptismn on the day of the ceremony.

Parents and godparents are recommended to be of the same faith.

Register the child at least a month before the sacrament is to be administered

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