Our community was organized by Fr. Ramon Flores on November 7, 2007 and is registered to the State of California in the city of Long Beach. Our church is in communion with the Free Catholic Church Diocese of Southern California.

Our Mission

Our doors, and our hearts are open for anyone. We invite you to join us for Sunday Mass

1202 E Plymouth Street, Long Beach, CA 90805

Telephone:    (562) 252-8740
FAX: (562) 252-8740
E-mail: info@stjdcc.org




If you would like to receive a personalized answer to your question, please send us a line and we will respond as promptly as possible.


PO BOX 18354, Long Beach, CA 90807


Our deacons, priests and bishops participate in the same historic apostolic succession as do all the Roman Catholic, Old Catholic, Anglican, Episcopalian, Orthodox, Coptic Churches.

We are open to anyone who wishes to strengthen and manifest communion with the church, but above all, God.

As part of out guiding principles, we do not judge or impose any trial upon anyone. We will not become your conscience, but rather help you build your own in accordance to God, thus developing a personal relationship with the Creator.

If you have ever felt ostricized or hurt by any church or clergy, our ministry is here to help you get back into your path to a fulfilling spiritual life.

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